Ecobee thermostat problems

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Ecobee thermostat problems

Chat with a Tech Pro or call us at If you are confident in your installation, and simply want to quickly double-check the wiring on your ecobee thermostat, use the two common examples below that cover most installs.

If too much power is drawn, or a lightning strike happens nearby during a thunder storm, your home's breaker can flip. It's often fine to flip it back and continue. Your home heater has a sensor that can tell if the heater is getting too hot. This is a safety feature; if it trips, it means there is some aspect of operation that has a problem and needs attention.

While many aspects of this will require a professional, there are a number of items you can check yourself.

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There is a filter on your furnace that must be changed or cleaned regularly. If it's clogged with dirt, your furnace will have to work a lot harder to pull air, and become hotter. A quick check, change, or cleaning of your filter may be all you need to do. If your furnace is running constantly because the temperature has been increased or set very high during a cold snap, it could end up too hot.

Wait for it to cool down, and set the temperature lower. There is a small fuse on your furnace to protect the electronics from surges. This fuse can blow during an electrical storm or power surge. While the location will vary, it is usually somewhere you can get to easily.

You should be able to clearly see the small wire in the window between the two legs of the fuse. If it's black or you can see the wire has broken, that means the fuse has blown and needs to be replaced.

Air conditioners, by design, end up condensing water out of the atmosphere.

ecobee thermostat problems

This water is collected in a drip pan or sent down a tube to a drain. If the drip pan fills or the tube clogs because of mold, algae, or dirt in the line, a small switch will trip and turn off your air conditioner to prevent damage from it overflowing.

This drain may be entirely outside, or may be integrated with your heater system. After these checks, if your ecobee thermostat is still turning off or rebooting, it indicates a deeper problem with the wiring, heating, or HVAC system.

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You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, but some parts of the site will not then work.Posted by Kevin Reviews. This is the successor to the wildly popular Ecobee 3 and Ecobee 4 smart thermostats. Just like the Ecobee 4 looks similar to the Ecobee 3, the Ecobee smart thermostat looks very similar to the Ecobee 4, but it has been improved yet again. It comes with the Ecobee smart thermostat as well as the small present sensor.

It comes with your typical getting started information for you to read through and the wall mounting plate. Included are a power adapter, the stand for the present sensor, the wall mount itself and some additional hardware. This is literally everything you need to install the Ecobee smart thermostat and get up and running. The smart occupancy sensor will provide different readings throughout your home and help make sure is properly cooled or heated.

It will detect when someone is in as a room and make sure that that room is reaching your desired temperatures. Occupancy sensors can also make sure that someone is home and not running your AC or your Heat unnecessarily. So it is completely redesigned from the previous generation of smart sensors that they included with the Ecobee 4. When we compare it to the previous generation it is definitely a much better design and it just looks better overall. This sensor is one of the best features of the new Ecobee smart thermostats.

So we are really excited to see it getting a complete overhaul for this latest generation device. Turning to the thermostat it has been redesigned with a new glass front.

Before it was plastic and you could feel it was plastic when you interacted with a touchscreen. It looks a lot better and interacts a lot better thanks to the new glass front panel. Along the back, there is a speaker along the bottom which has also been vastly improved on this new generation. It sounds a lot better than the previous one, but it still is small so you still have to kind of temper your expectations for the size. Yet it definitely sounds better than the one on the Ecobee 4.

You can now do more than you could have in the past including making phone calls through Alexa, using Alexa drop in essentially an intercom to speak between multiple Alexa devices and Alexa messaging. Setting up the Ecobee smart thermostat is very easy to do.

We actually ended up using the same mounting plate that we had already in place from the Ecobee 4. We just popped off our previous thermostat and popped on the new Ecobee smart thermostat and it worked like a charm. How large is your home and how many rooms, floors, etc. With the Ecobee 4, we liked it but we noticed it was a little bit laggy when actually interfacing with it.

The new one has an updated quad-core processor and it is insanely fast and smooth.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Review : Worth Your Money in

As I mentioned this works with apple homekit. Then when you tap on it to add a home kit pairing code it will display on the thermostat itself. You can go ahead enter it in manually or use the camera to scan the code. Such as a temperature sensor and a motion sensor.

Ecobee 3 Review - A Hands-On Experience From Hell

Once you add all these accessories into the home app they can be used for any sort of automation and that includes the smart sensors. So if you have motion detected on your stairway you could turn on your stairway lights.

If you have a lot of home kit accessory it really makes sense to go with an Ecobee because you get those additional motion sensors which can be used to trigger lights, as well as keep your thermostat working smoothly. But if you the third generation then we definitely recommend considering it.

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Otherwise, I would say it is definitely an upgrade from the former smart thermostats made by Ecobee and it gets a huge thumbs up from me. If you are looking to pick one up you can find them over here at Amazon and check out the other reviews as well as current pricing.

Kevin Noyes is the founder of this website and a smart home tech enthusiast fascinated by the power of connected devices. After having worked as a smart home security installer, he now reviews smart home products and discusses topics related to the Internet of Things.We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

The smart home revolution is officially on. Smart homes first heated up with one key device: smart thermostats. There are plenty of big names across the smart thermostat market, and one of our favorites is ecobee.

With a focus on simplicity and affordability, the ecobee smart thermostats have won over thousands of users. Smart thermostats are just like regular thermostats but with tech inside that enables them to dynamically adjust the temperature to keep it where you want it.

How to Connect an ecobee Thermostat to WiFi

You can even use your smartphone to set up heating and cooling schedules or make adjustments on the fly. Smart thermostats are pretty cool, and best of all, they save you money. Before you start comparing them, answer these two questions. Some ecobee models come with a separate sensor, which is perfect for homes in which temperatures can vary based on location.

The built-in motion sensors and included portable temperature sensor make the ecobee4 a powerhouse and an incredible value.

ecobee thermostat problems

Most ecobee smart thermostats look identical; they use the same screens, so it can be hard to tell them apart. The ecobee models with Alexa built in can do most of what a normal Amazon Echo device can do, with a few exceptions like messaging or multiroom audio. As heat rises, higher floors can get warmer, and older heating systems sometimes struggle to deliver air to all parts of the house.

The ecobee models with internal motion sensors are able to track when you walk into a room and when you leave and account for that when maintaining an ideal temperature for you.

Safety first! Never take chances with live electricity — you risk severe electric shock and damage to your home. Most ecobee smart thermostats integrate with If This Then That IFTTTa service that lets you set up coordinated events with your smart technology so you can use different devices together. If you want the ecobee that pulls out all the stops, this is the one to get. The ecobee3 may be second in line in the product lineup, but only by a few features.The Ecobee4 was one of the first best Alexa compatible devices that wasn't a smart speaker first.

It was a clever idea, one that several other companies have adopted. However, that thermostat lacked some of Alexa 's core functions, and the speaker wasn't all that great. Ecobee has fixed both issues with the Ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control — yes, I wish they simply called it the Ecobee5 — and the company added a few more features, too.

Even with music playing through the Ecobee, I was able to speak in a conversational voice from 15 feet away and still have Alexa hear me correctly. The new Ecobee SmartThermostat, however, includes all those features. That's a welcome improvement, which will make this device more handy when you're calling the family to dinner. When you wake Alexa, a blue bar on the top of the Ecobee lights up, awaiting your command.

Even with music playing through the Ecobee, I was able to speak in a conversational voice from 15 feet away and still have Alexa hear me and interpret my voice correctly. Still, you can pair the Ecobee with Google Assistant it's one of the best Google Home compatible devices. The speaker on the Ecobee4 was pretty tinny, so other than asking Alexa questions, you didn't want to do anything else with it. The Ecobee SmartThermostat's speaker is a bit beefier, making this a passable entertainment device.

It's on a par with a very good clock radio or somewhere between the second- and third-generation Echo Dots. You're not going to use this thermostat to entertain guests at a party, but it's good for playing music in the background while you're doing something else, like cooking or reading a book.

The new remote sensor has a slightly smaller design, improved battery life up to five years and a longer range up to 60 feet.

New ecobee smart thermostat not powering on

Alexa is nice and all, but the best parts of Ecobee's thermostats have been the remote sensors, which can detect both temperature and occupancy. With these, you can do some pretty smart things, like tell the thermostat to make sure even the coldest parts of your house get warm, but only if there are people in that area. The new sensor, one of which comes with the SmartThermostat, has a slightly smaller design, improved battery life up to five years, thanks to a much larger battery and a longer range up to 60 feet from the thermostat.

The latter improvement is especially handy for me; when I tried to put the previous sensor in my attic, it went out of range of the thermostat. I had no such problems with the new sensor. The Ecobee now supports both 2.

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On your home network, devices, like the Ecobee, that require little bandwidth should be relegated to the 2. Devices, such as streaming sticksthat require greater throughput should be assigned to the 5-GHz network.

While its face is now glass instead of plastic, the newest Ecobee smart thermostat looks the same as previous versions: a square with rounded corners and a rectangular touch screen in the middle.

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When the Ecobee debuted, I thought its design was a nice departure from Nest Learning Thermostat 's circular design. Over the years, though, I think the look of the Nest has held up better than that of the Ecobee.If you own an ecobee 4 thermostat, you may occasionally face hiccups that need quick fixes. In this article, we try to diagnose and offer solutions to your thermostat issues ranging from set up or just hardware malfunction. You can configure the time to use a 12 or hour format.

Usually, the current date and time are programmed during the initial setup and automatically from the Internet.

ecobee thermostat problems

If you need to adjust the data and time, log in to your personalized web portal. Resetting your schedule and preferences erases your current schedule, in addition to any preference settings such as date and time, location, hold action, temperature range. However, the thermostat memory remembers configuration and your ecobee account is kept intact without any deletion.

Resetting registration automatically deletes your ecobee account. Changing the email address linked to your ecobee account involves resetting registration to re-register with your new email address and password. However, Resetting registration will not erase your equipment configuration, schedule, or preferences. Give the wires a gentle tug to confirm the connection. Make sure the lever on the side is down indicating properly secured wires. Its absence can be the cause of your thermostat not powering on.

Thermostat wires may prevent the ecobee from properly connecting to the backplate and cause the thermostat not to power on. Push back your thermostat wires to allow the thermostat pins to insert completely into the backplate.

Confirm if the thermostat has been fully inserted, there are no spaces between the thermostat and the backplate.

ecobee thermostat problems

Check for an audible click when the ecobee firmly connects to the backplate. Voltage-related may be causing your thermostat not to power especially if your wiring is just perfect.

Use a voltmeter; test for voltage between the RC and C wires at the ecobee. A voltage below 24VAC cannot power the thermostat. If your thermostat was working fine, a sudden black screen usually indicates low voltage going to the thermostat. Also ecobee draws power from the furnace, therefore disruptions to this power source result in thermostat power loss. A green flash on the light bar to indicate that there is 24VAC power to the thermostat.

If it is, turn it back on to restore power to the furnace and the ecobee should power back on. Go to the panel on your furnace, open it to expose the control panel where your ecobee thermostat wires are connected.

There is a purple 3 or an orange 5 amp fuse on the board. Confirm if the fuse is intact. If your fuse is blown, replace it. Your ecobee should power back on. A tripped float switch brings about rebooting during a call for cooling resulting in a loss of power completely. Use the ecobee app for a convenient way of accessing your device from anywhere anytime.Last Updated: January 25, by Eric Blank.

Are you a hands-on tinkerer with a love of customization and endless data? Then, ecobee is your match. In that case, Nest is a better fit.

The ecobee and Nest are widely considered the best two smart thermostats available. The differences between ecobee and Nest aren't huge. So read on and I'll fill you in on what I've learned. Put one of these thermostats on your wall and impress your friends.

Who would have thought that a thermostat could be a topic of conversation? The result is something that looks a bit like an oversized smartwatch. It comes in black plastic with a glass screen and sports a significantly larger screen than the Nest. The screen is also a touchscreen which gives you access to many control settings from the base unit if you desire. If you prefer your thermostat to be something that doesn't say "look at me", you may prefer the look of ecobee.

You could also consider the lower-cost Nest e, which I mention below. So what does that even mean? Is it a magic, mind-reading thermostat? When you first install the Nest, it makes a few assumptions about you based on typical humans. It uses those guesses as a baseline for its schedule. When you make an adjustment, Nest records it.

Over time it will continue to respond to your adjustments. So rather than keeping a fixed schedule, it will continually evolve. Nest can be programmed to run on a conventional schedule if you shut off the learning feature. The ecobee uses a more conventional schedule. You choose your desired times and temperatures for when you are home, away, and sleeping.

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Setting up the schedule is not difficult and can be done from the thermostat, the mobile app, or the web console. Or, is it just another gimmick that seems to be all too common in the smart home universe? Then, if something turns on when its supposed to be off or vice versaI know something is wrong. If you have a Nest and you like the learning feature, you can use it. If not, turn it off.Our ecobee3 experience started with a failure. We drove to Florida to install the thermostat in a friend's condo, only to drive 8 hours back to our place with the ecobee3 in tow.

So why the failure? After removing the original thermostat, we were left with a gaping hole. It was impossible to mount ecobee, even with the included back plate.

We went home defeated, but we went back two months later with backup. Ecobee is a smart thermostat. Set a schedule, set your desired temperature, and the thermostat does the rest.

After arriving in Florida, our "backup" used a paint stick and some spackling compound to create a place to anchor ecobee. It was confusing — because terminology and assumed knowledge base.

A lot of the settings, like humidity, assume that you already know what a normal level should be. While you can set and customize, the app and website both lack any sort of user education or setup wizard.

And in our case, training was needed. What the heck is a UV lamp reminder? All we can say is thank goodness for Google. From the beginning, we understood the basics — ecobee3 follows a schedule, kind of. Does it take 3 hours to cool a square foot condo? That first night was confusing, but night two is where things got downright sweaty. You see that blue line in the report below? Do you see the white line? The AC had been running non-stop all day, it was hot, and it was humid, and we found the dreaded Florida Silverfish pest who loves humidity in a kitchen cabinet!

Our first step was to contact ecobee support. They asked for permission to access our account, which we granted, and 45 hours later we received this response. This is a feature call Smart Recovery.

Please see explanation below. Fortunately, we had already reached our maximum concern threshold well before he contacted me.

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We were worried about the condo, about destroying the AC for good, about the growing Silverfish problem we killed 4. So we did what we should: called a pro.

The pro arrived, popped off the thermostat, moved a wire, and explained that the thermostat had been heating the whole time instead of cooling. Do we blame ourselves? But we also blame ecobee. The notifications are dependent on the wiring done properly.

We're not buying it. The thermostat was still reading the correct temperature. Wires messed up or not; a notification would have been nice. Good to know. But, before he left, he did give us an enlightening tip.


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