Mossberg 590a1 cincinnati

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Mossberg 590a1 cincinnati

As a tactical weapon, they are among the most trusted in the world — and rightfully so. Mossberg recently unveiled their newest addition to the line: the A1.

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I was a big fan of theso I was intrigued by this update-evolution. The A1 kept many of the great components from the standardbut added several performance and handling boosters to create one of the finest shotguns in its class. The in and of itself makes for a great home defense shotgun, as is detailed in our Mossberg review. Since the A1 is built so similarly to the standardwe will only gloss over the overlap of their designs, and hopefully focus more on its standouts.

Through rigorous testing, the A1 passed the U. Just to put this into perspective, the A1 is the only pump action shotgun ever to pass MilSpec E. Like its predecessor, the A1 was engineered with a top of the line defense against wear and tear, but Mossberg went an extra step with these guys. These pump actions are outfitted with durable, parkerized polishes and treated with corrosion-resistant finishes.

In addition to these endurance boosters, Mossberg also built the A1 with heavy-walled barrels and aluminum trigger guard and safety buttons. One of my favorite things about the is how simple its takedown is, and thankfully, the A1 can be field-stripped with ease.

More so, the A1 also has a 6-position adjustable stock and specialty sight packages. All of these sweet features give the A1 a custom feel without the custom price tag. Without doing any modifications or investing in attachments, you have the option of either a front bead, ghost ring love theseor 3-dot sight system. Additional tactical options include a heat shield, sling swivel, a Plus 4 shell Storage Stock, and a bayonet lug.

I was already impressed with the way the handled — my experience with the A1 was even better. For starters, the shorter barrel options are great for tactical shooting since they offer more control and concealment.

Also, whether you choose the 7 shot or 9 shot, the Mossberg A1 can empty out rounds crazy fast. Being able to shoot and reload fast is key and the A1 does just that. The two most important features which contribute to its great performance are the 6-position adjustable FLEX stock and the available sight options.

I highly recommend the ghost ring sight system because it is incredibly quick, easy to use, and versatile. Although the Mossberg A1 is one of finest tactical shotguns in its class, I recommend utilizing the rails and adding attachments.

Before we get into the additional aftermarket options, I just want to reiterate that Mossberg offers a variety of stock, sight, and barrel options. With its tactical tri-rail on the forend and a Picatinny top rail, the A1 is just begging to be decked out.

As a tactical home defense weapon, there are a few accessories which should be serious considerations, the two most important being a flashlight and laser sight.

This tactical flashlight is one of the best out there with a price tag that attests to that. A tactical flashlight might be the most important accessory for a shotgun and there are tons of great options.Mossberg is the authority on pump-action shotguns, and the series puts them even farther ahead of the pack. Find Mossberg shotguns here, along with a Mossberg stock and other Mossberg accessories.

mossberg 590a1 cincinnati

Order one from Impact Guns today, with fast shipping, the Impact Guns lifetime warranty on guns, and a great price! Dual extractors, positive steel-to-steel lockup, twin action bars and an anti-jam elevator ensure smooth operation. Heavy-walled barrel. Cylinder bore choke. Convenient clean-out tube magazine cap. Front bead sight.

Strapped forend to keep shooter s lead Magazine-fed tactical pump shotgun with Tri-Rail. Double-stack magazines are at the center of gravity point, making for easy balance and accuracy. Features include dual extractors, twin action bars, positive steel-to-steel lockup, drilled and tapped Includes M The Shockwave Raptor bird's head pistol grip is uniquely shaped to minimize felt recoil.

This includes all the features that have Includes all the features that have made Mossberg pump-actions the choice for millions worldwide: ambidextrous safety, Model A1 12 Gauge Heavy-walled barrel with Parkerized finish, metal trigger guards and metal safety button. Metal trigger guard and safety buttons. Cylinder bore. Synthetic stock Ghost ring sight. Drilled and tapped receiver.

High security is fine; high maintenance isn't. They have the credentials and track record to prove it. In their Now you can own the same Mossberg A1 shotguns serving with distinction around the world.

Men and women in Mossberg Special Purpose shotguns provide modern, state of the art design for the most serious and potentially prolonged defense situations. A full range of popular models offered in 20" barrel length with blued or parkerized finish.Many product features pioneered by Mossberg are now the standards by which all modern shotguns and firearms are judged. Mossberg pump shotguns are the only shotguns purchased by the United States government that meet or exceed Mil-S specifications.

It is this basis of unquestionable quality that drives Mossberg to bring reliable, well-built shooting systems to you at an affordable price. Looking to Buy Mossberg or Mossberg online? Most gun shops near or say Gun Shops have been stocked their shelves with semi-auto shotguns and rugged pump action shotguns.

Their most popular models include the Mossberg Pump Action Shotgunthe Mossberg Tactical Shotgunand the Mossberg Shockwave, one of the shortest shotguns on the market. Our staff is specialized in ensuring that your Mossberg handgun or shortgun is shipped to your desire Gun dealer with no hassle.

As Earlier stated inOscar Frederick Mossberg founded what would become the largest family-owned firearms manufacturer in the United States. Today, Mossberg produces a variety of rifles and shotguns. Among the most popular, Mossberg shotguns are used by the military, law enforcement, sportsmen, hunters and civilians.

The Mossberg is offered in a wide selection of models to fit every application and user, from hunters and people looking for a home defense shotgun, to law enforcement agencies and military worldwide.

590A1 - 9 Shot

Creating this platform to help folks buy the best Shockwave mossberg guns online or other Mossberg Shotguns online. Buying a mossberg handgun or shotgun online is easy and direct. If you do not have a local dealer, be rest assured that Mossberg Gun store will get one for you and have your shotgun shipped.

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Become A Member Checkout. Mossberg For Sale. Mossberg Shockwave. Mossberg Shotguns As Earlier stated inOscar Frederick Mossberg founded what would become the largest family-owned firearms manufacturer in the United States. Copyright All Rights Reserved.Customers - Should your firearm or any component of your firearm require service, kindly ship the entire firearm not just components to our Product Service Center postage paid, via your chosen carrier.

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Search for:. MilSpec Construction : As the only pump-actions to pass the rigorous MilSpec E classification, the A1 series has been the go-to firearm of choice for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide for decades. A Top-Mounted safety with a high-visibility indicator allows for easy ambidextrous operation. All A1 models include the features that have made the Mossberg pump-action family legendary — Ambidextrous safety; Dual extractors; Twin action bars; Positive steel-to-steel lockup; and an Anti-jam elevator ensuring smooth operation.

Models New for Hello, I'm Thomas Lynch with O. I'm a Senior Engineer here at Mossberg. Today, I'm going talk to you about how to…. Buying A Gun Online. Customer Service within all 50 states service mossberg.Toggle navigation. Mossberg A1 For When You Need a War Shotgun Story and Photos by Frank Jardim If you do your bird hunting with a classic Mossberg shotgun, you might be taken aback when you first handle their tactically oriented, nine-shot, bayonet-lug- and aperture-sight-equipped Magpul series Model A1.

For starters, the A1 is built for war, not sport, and the Magpul series takes it a step beyond with furniture that enhances its tactical function and allows for more user customization than the standard military stock. At nearly 8.

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This is a gun you can shoot slugs with all day long. The series shotgun is one of the most successful sporting arms in history with over 12 million produced in various gauges and configurations. The Mossberg in tactical trappings was also very popular with law enforcement, but its most demanding role was serving in the hands of our military service members in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Though non-NFA versions of the A1 with barrels The A1 is among the mix of shotgun models and types the military currently uses for interior guard duty, prison security, riot control, door-breaching, boarding hostile naval vessels and front-line combat roles. However, in the big picture, the shotgun is a specialty weapon and makes up a very tiny percentage of our military small arms inventory. Unlike military service rifles, which are designed as combat arms from the first blueprint, shotguns and their ammunition were always selected and procured from normal civilian commercial sources, sometimes with no modifications whatsoever, other than the addition of martial markings.

For the most part, this worked out fine for the military, though there was a noteworthy problem with the original standard paper-hull shotgun shells in wide civilian use before the Vietnam War. The solution to this problem was an expensive all brass shotgun shell. By the s, the plastic-hulled shotgun shells we know today were replacing the black-powder-era paper hulls.

However, one major problem remained and persists to this day. Because of the weight and physical size of shotgun cartridges, military personnel armed with shotguns for combat have always had a hard time carrying enough ammunition to stay in a firefight.

The latter uses an open-ended magazine tube with exterior threads and holds the barrel in place with a screw-on cap. The A1 differs from the in the thickness of its barrel and its use of aluminum, rather than polymer, for the triggerguard assembly and safety.

mossberg 590a1 cincinnati

Navy requested a heavier barrel that was more resistant to denting after observing guns were sometimes damaged banging into ship hatchways. By the way, heat shields were originally ordered for military shotguns in World War I, when the use of a bayonet in combat was expected.

In bayonet training, the supporting hand grasps the front of the weapon around the barrel and front grip and is subject to burning without some sort of thermal shield. It features dual extractors on the bolt, positive steel-to-steel lockup between bolt and barrel, twin action bars on the operating slide a feature once unique to the Remington until their patent expired inand an anti-jam elevator to ensure smooth operation.

In these respects, all current s, s and A1s are alike. They differ in stocks, sights, barrel lengths, magazine capacity and finish. Close-ups of the six-shell metal loops, overthick heavy-walled barrel, screw-on magazine cap that makes barrel cleaning easier, and AimShot TX Wireless Revolution tactical light.

The Magpul magpul. This user-configurable buttstock is adaptable for use with body armor, optics and shooters of differing stature. Length-of-pull is adjustable from The butt is capped with a soft recoil pad that goes a long way toward making this gun pleasant to shoot. The grip has aggressively textured side panels, a grooved front strap and, most importantly, improved ergonomics somewhere between a traditional stock and a vertical pistol grip.

The effect of this geometry is that it keeps your thumb from painfully banging into your nose during recoil but still permits a full, tight, wrap-around grip. The comb height is also adjustable with optional cheek risers for use with optics and raised sights.Select models feature tactical tri-rail forends, 6-position adjustable stocks, picatinny top rails, and specialty sight packages.

Majority of A1 models are fitted with adjustable Ghost Ring Sights left or XS rail-mounted rightproviding superior sighting for target acquisition in a variety of low-light situations. Customers - Should your firearm or any component of your firearm require service, kindly ship the entire firearm not just components to our Product Service Center postage paid, via your chosen carrier.

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Mossberg 590

I'm a Senior Engineer here at Mossberg. Today, I'm going talk to you about how to…. Buying A Gun Online. Customer Service within all 50 states service mossberg.

Stock Bolt Washer. Magazine Cap. Mid Sight for Vent Rib - Brass. Recoil Pad, for Synthetic Stock. Mossberg Accessories - Loc Box.Anthony, United States Northern Lights City Break, November 2015 This was my first visit to the Nordic region and I am so happy to have used your company's services for my visit to Iceland.

Accommodations and tour companies were all professional and as promised, and Nordic Visitor communicated and provided needed info to me in regards to my tour in a timely fashion. Would definitely recommend anyone coming to the Nordic countries to use Nordic Visitor's services, you won't regret it.

An experience of a life time that was seamlessly effortless due to the fantastic arrangements made by Nordic Visitor. Betsey and Kenneth, United States Iceland Full Circle - Winter, October 2015 The voucher system made everything very easy and streamlined, and we loved the spiral bound itinerary and country map ( personally marked with our route, with suggestions ).

The car rental was perfect - we were able to go on many gravel roads. We did not do the Snaefellsnes Peninsula portion of the trip, as that day when we started out, the weather was bad and the visibility was poor and the wind was very gusty, which made driving difficult. Instead, that day we cut across the peninsula from Stykkish and went to the Settlement Center, a wonderful yarn store not far from Borgarnes, and a tour of the Geothermal power plant.

We had great weather most of the trip. It is a beautiful country. The people we met were very friendly and helpful. We went to a symphony performance on our last night at the Harpa Center - an amazing place. Had overall very good food.

We used TripAdvisor most of the time for finding restaurants for dinner and were not disappointed. Our two best meals were are the guesthouses that Cristina, United States Express Iceland, September 2015 I've booked a self driving tour of Iceland with the Nordic Visitor for the first time and was the best holiday decision ever. Excellent Company and Excellent Service. Phil, Australia Iceland Full Circle, September 2015 From the start we can say nothing other than to praise the efforts of Nordic Visitor.

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Well done everyone involved. Connie, United States Golden Route of the Nordic Countries, September 2015 I think that the hotel selections were great as all were centrally located and upscale.

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Everlyn, Canada Golden Circle and South Coast, September 2015 We were very happy with our tour of the Golden Circle. Peder, United States Express Iceland, September 2015 Everything worked without a hitch. Johanna, Australia Iceland Full Circle, September 2015 We enjoyed our holiday more than we can describe, and I know that the photos we posted on Facebook, and the comments we made, have directly led to others arranging holidays there.

mossberg 590a1 cincinnati

David and Veronica, Australia Express Iceland, September 2015 Totally brilliant holiday, superbly organised by Brynjar. Haley, Saudi Arabia Adventures Under the Midnight Sun, September 2015 Kolbrun was absolutely fantastic.

My hotel was amazing and all the tour guides were incredible. I had the most amazing time. Dan and Elaine, China Nuuk - Heart of Greenland, September 2015 In September, hiking in Ice fiord area is wonderful.

mossberg 590a1 cincinnati

Availability when contacted: Whenever we called during our trip, someone was always pleasant and able to help us. Itinerary and vouchers: There were no glitches with vouchers in the entire 22 days of travel.

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Most appreciated was when GPS coordinates were listed in our personal plan book. Wish we had that for every stop as sometimes it was challenging to match the city spelling with the GPS.

Mossberg 590A1 Tactical Shotgun Review 2018

The Highlights and Useful Info Book was very well laid out. The Map was invaluable with all of our hotels, tours, suggested spots highlighted to coordinate with our Itinerary Plan book. Throughout our entire planning and traveling you have the sense that every Nordic Visitor staff member wants to make sure you have the best trip ever.

They appear to love their jobs and therefore create a grand experience. We are ever grateful.


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